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Phil Keaggy & Friends - Instrumental Duets

by Phil Keaggy & Friends



PK Notes on DUETS Project:

1) Muddlety (with Holt Vaughn) ~ Songwriter, guitarist and sound theology advocate, Holt is a very gifted and active man in the world of music and message. Settled in upstate New York, he has an amazing history in collaboration with other artists and writers. I’ve recorded with Holt in the past and this piece is downright fun and an enjoyable listen. His and my guitars are mixed left and right in this fine mix. This composition was written by Holt. Check out his website www.holtvaughn.com

2) Ferryboat Crossing (with Muriel Anderson) ~ One of the finest guitarists today with a fine catalogue of recorded music on her own and in collaboration with many renown musicians of our time. This recording is Muriel’s composition and she plays her classical and I play my electric on this piece. We have recorded a good deal of music together in the past. Do check out her website www.murielanderson.com

3) One Mint Julep (with Dan Bankhurst) ~ As I have written on his website- “Dan is a very gifted guitarist and has a true musical mind and heart. He is top notch in his genre of guitar playing”. Dan plays in a number of styles. On this piece-One Mint Julip, written by Rudy Toombs in 1951, Dan is playing my Zion guitar and I’m playing his Strat. He opens with that beautiful Chet style and I just improvised throughout the song. Do check out his website so you can get real taste of his versatility- www.danbankhurst.com

4) The Great North Road (with Doyle Dykes) ~ He’s a national treasure, this good man! He makes his guitar sing and proclaim all things good! Actually, there’s a certain electricity that come through his performances. If you ever can, go see him in concert and if you can’t listen to him play through his recordings. T’will bless your soul! Doyle invited me to play electric on this tune. As you listen you can hear the depth of his composing abilities. His family is gifted as well in music. Be sure to visit Doyle’s website www.doyledykes.com>

5) Andy’s Tune (with Andy Martin) ~ Andy was a dear friend who has passed on a number of years ago in 2013. We had good fellowship together as friends and fellow guitarists. He and I cowrote the song “Allegria” which was released on my Light Of Madrid” project around 1999-2000. He was also a fine craftsman and wood worker-a true artisan! He is missed by all who knew him. This piece was one of the last tunes he made up and sent to me through his phone. There were other songs as well. I played my electric on this piece.

6) The Last Supper (with Tom Howard) ~ As we were considering how to include a piece that Tom had composed, I remember playing classical guitar on this gorgeous work of art he had composed and came to my studio as I recorded my parts for him. Tom should have been a household name at least in the music industry, but he was a bit under the radar. Mind you, he was quite prolific and scored and played piano for many artists since the 70s. Tom scored strings and other instruments on several of my albums. I’m delighted to include this piece here. We miss Tom very much since his passing in 2010. God bless you friend—We miss you and thank you for the music you’ve created over the years! I’m not sure there is an active website, but you can view his accomplishments on line.

7) Along The Harpeth (with David Davidson) ~ Along The Harpeth- a very special song to me! Violinist David is one of the finest string players in Nashville and a good friend came by with his violin and we improvised this piece. It sounds scored but we just played live off each other. Lately, I’ve been enjoying this kind of recording and writing. I love the music of Ralph Vaughan Williams and there are a couple of moments reminiscent of RVW. Thanks David for all the years you have blessed so many with your gifts! Check out music.davidsviolin.com

8) In The Moment (with Lawrence Juber) ~ Enough can’t be said about this fine composer and guitarist! What an amazing history this gentleman has. He’s written an autobiography entitled “Guitar With Wings”- a beautiful book of photographs and his personal and musical history. Besides his amazing recordings, I love hearing this man play guitar in concert too! Once, when my wife and I attended his concert, she asked quietly “is he using a looper?” I said “no honey-that’s pure talent and 10 fingers doing all that”! Well back in the early 2000s, LJ invited me to his home and we just picked and picked and captured some fun guitar moments. This is a sample of that jam. He suggested the title “In The Moment” as it truly was…. Do visit LJ’s website www.lawrencejuber.com

9) Warm Day In Winter (with Jonathan Firey) ~ I’ve written and recorded with Jonathan in the past. This is a collaboration by us both. Jonathan is a very gifted musical artist, guitarist and a good friend. He is playing acoustic and I’m on my Zion electric. This track is in the process of being produced. Jonathan has given me permission to post this version. The final version will have hopefully Alex Acuna on drums/percussion. Check out his website www.newfiremusic.com

10) Across The Sea (with Dave Bainbridge) ~ These 2 musical compositions (along with Thus Far #17) are the result of Dave sending me 4 pieces to play electric guitar to. Dave, the primary writer, arranger and cofounder with Dave Fitzgerald of the renowned group Iona is an amazing talent. I toured with him in the late 80s in the British Isles. We’ve been friends for quite sometime now and he is a deep well of talent! His compositions here are dreamy and provided the canvas for me to play and create tones that I hoped complimented his recordings. He is the keyboardist on these pieces.
I played my Strat on “Across” and then played a borrowed a friend’s Schecter guitar on “Thus Far.” There is another piece called “Tribute” on the Zion (Deluxe) project here on the Garage. Do check out Dave’s website www.davebainbridgemusic.com

11) The Rain (with Fr John Oliver) ~ One day my good friend John came by and we recorded a few pieces together. This is one of those pieces. I called it The Rain-as it just reminded me of a beautiful, light rain with gentle thunder. I added the rain-thanks to a sample recording of the same. I found Fr John’s voicing of chords to me reminiscent of something both Michael Hedges and David Crosby like. My contributions to his lovely chords are subtle with a little reversing effect of my acoustic. Fr John serves God’s people as an Antiochian Orthodox priest.

12) Father and Son (with Ian Keaggy) ~ One of my favorite persons in the whole world! My son Ian is a talented writer and producer. He is currently and actively as such these days. When this recording was made in 2005, he was 18 and showed amazing promise as a musician at that time. In fact this song appears on my Phantasmagorical project and his ears helped in the mixing process. I’m very proud of him and love his giving and gentle heart! He plays the rhythm guitar and I, the free flowing lines around his chord changes. Love you son “Nere World”! Pops

13) Two Guys and A Looper (with Vail Johnson) ~ I’ve been aware of bassist Vail Johnson for years—then I got to hear him live. What a performer! He sings really good too! Well, in time, we connected and he came to my place and we threw down about 6 jams. This is one of them. He brought his bass and a looper. I plugged into my looper as well and we just took off and recorded the fun. Do check out his website and his “Around the World in Forty years” He has played bass for a huge roster of artists! www.vailjohnson.com

14) Something Shared (with Dave Beegle) ~ One of the most accomplished guitar players I’ve met, quite humble and gracious too! He can play any style well! He even plays flamenco. Dave is a fine producer and has blessed me with the opportunity to play on a few of his own recordings, of which this is one of them. He sent me his guitar track and I played my Olson to it. Dave resides in Colorado and is a great friend! Do visit his website www.davebeegle.com

15) Autumn Of Spring (with Greg Shumake) ~ I met Greg Shumake about 16 years ago. He is a native Californian and began playing piano at the age of 15. His talent blossomed and he began to grow musically not just as a pianist but as guitarist as well. He has been a worship leader for many years now and does seminars helping others in music ministry. We became good friends and in 2006 I invited him to my place where we recorded spontaneously this musical piece.
We really had an inspirational session and this song is the result of that time together. On The Autumn Of Spring, Greg played the piano and I played acoustic guitar.
Even though I felt the Duets album was complete, as I was mowing my lawn just today, I thought of our duet and afterward I went to my old sessions folder and found this piece we had created back then. It occurred to me that the Duets collection would be incomplete without this last addition.
I hope you will find this composition refreshing and musically inspirational as I have. Do visit Greg's website to see and hear what this gifted brother is up to these days www.gregshumake.com

16) New Creation (with Jason Truby) ~ In 2003, Jason contacted me to play on his band’s album P.O.D. What a dynamic album! He asked me to play on an acoustic number called Eternal which we recorded live together in an LA studio. I also got to play a short electric solo on another song as well. The main thing is that Jason and I became close friends and brothers in our mutual faith. He has shared with me how my early recordings such as “Spend My Life With You” touched his heart and life. When I first met him, we sat and played acoustic guitars for a long time. He knew a lot of my Beyond Nature album—which blew me away! Since that time, I’ve joined him in concert and on recordings he has done. He invited me to play on this beautiful song and it really resonates with me. Thanks Jason! Check out his Website www.jasontruby.com

17) Thus Far (with Dave Bainbridge) ~ These 2 musical compositions are the result of Dave sending me 4 pieces to play electric guitar to. Dave, the primary writer, arranger and cofounder with Dave Fitzgerald of the renowned group Iona is an amazing talent. I toured with him in the late 80s in the British Isles. We’ve been friends for quite sometime now and he is a deep well of talent! His compositions here are dreamy and provided the canvas for me to play and create tones that I hoped complimented his recordings. He is the keyboardist on these pieces.
I played my Strat on “Across” and then played a borrowed a friend’s Schecter guitar on “Thus Far.” There is another piece called “Tribute” on the Zion (Deluxe) project here on the Garage. Do check out Dave’s website www.davebainbridgemusic.com

18) Caught By Surprise (with Robert Arthur) ~ Robert is crazy about guitar and his enthusiasm shows through his playing. He has written hit songs for many country stars and has toured with the likes of Brad Paisley, Jeff Bates and others. RA, as I’ve come to know him, invited me to play acoustic and electric on this happy piece that he had composed. Check out his website www.gloriagreenentertainment.com

19) Electric Train (with Christie Lenee) ~ Well, the Duets project with my friends was nearly complete, but I invited Christie Lenee at the last moment to join me to be a part of this musical adventure. Yesterday evening Christie drove from North Carolina and had supper with Bernadette and me, then afterward we went into the studio and jammed out about four improvisational pieces and we chose this one to be her contribution to the Duets Project. Christie is an accomplished musician with many accolades to her name- being a champion fingerstyle guitarist winner in England as well as other places. She has amazing musical energy as you will discover here on this track. Hope you will enjoy this piece along with the rest of these special recordings. Do check out her music and website www.christielenee.com

20) Blue Ireland (with Lance Allen) ~ Lance is a full-time guitar teacher that can also really play well! He recently shared the stage with the great Tommy Emmanuel! Lance invited me to play acoustic on his tune that he released on his album “melody maker”. It was a joyous ride playing an Irish sounding tune with him! He’s got a lot of music up on the web. Check out Lance Allen at: www.lanceallenstudio.com

21) Water Day (with Mike Pachelli) ~ I’ve known Mike since high school-lifelong friends and brothers we are. Mike is an amazing guitarist and producer! We have worked in the studio and on the road together. We also recorded a very nice album called “The Two Of Us” some years back. This piece—a take-off of my old song What A Day was re-recorded by us together in my little studio a few years back. It’s just two guitars-no overdubs-playing very faithfully to the original recording from the Song Within project I did in 2005 following the heels of Phatasmagorigal. Mike has assisted me in many ways as a musician, guitarist, engineer and having mastered a few of my projects as well as co-written songs with me. Mike and his family have moved to France and he is missed. You can see his many videos on you tube and don’t forget to check his website www.mikepachelli.com

22) Easter Song (with Rex Paul Schnelle) ~ Written by Anne Herring, this is an iconic and classic song. It has also been covered by many artists including the late Keith Green. I love this song, and Rex invited me to join him on this recording for this past Easter. Rex plays acoustic and I play my white Zion guitar. Lots of expression here! Rex and I have collaborated on many recordings including our Illumination project available here on the Garage and our websites. He’s a multi-talented musician and producer and a good friend! Do check out Rex’s music at his website <rexmusic.us>

23) Look Inside (with Brad Hoyt) ~ from his album “Far Away From Everyday”, Brad invited me to play classical guitar on this piece. Very beautiful song featuring piano and cello… I thought many listeners would enjoy this song as it is a very lovely composition! See www.bradhoyt.com

Thank you all for your contributions, my fellow artists and thank you friends –for listening….. Phil Keaggy June 3, 2020


released May 16, 2020

Special thanks to Steve Ashlock for help in compiling this one.


all rights reserved



Phil Keaggy Nashville, Tennessee

Phil Keaggy is one of the most admired guitarists in music today. A master of both electric rock and acoustic finger style, he has been honing his craft for over 50 years.
He continues to sell out concerts all over the United States, with his ever-changing style, ranging from rock-and-roll to fully orchestrated instrumental compositions.
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