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Acoustic Sketches 3

by Phil Keaggy

Barefoot 02:52
Water Street 02:44
Sixpence 01:50
Old Route 7 02:34
3x3=9 04:17
Seabisquit 02:54
Suite Nougat 03:41
Bright Soul 01:54
Musings 03:06
Honeydew 02:42
Slap Happy 02:30
Gifted Sam 02:59
Pebbles 03:38
Afterhours 01:57
Uke-Lady 01:19


My first Sketches Vol 1 project was for the most part recorded over 3 days to reel to reel around 1995. I added a few other pieces to fill out the album. I primarily used a Lexicon Jamman for loops when I wasn’t overdubbing with separate tracks.

On Freehand Vol 2 released in 2003, I primarily used my Line 6 DL4 for my loops for much of the looping.
Like Vol 1, I added a few more fuller pieces to fill out the album such as Chester’s Tree and Cajon Pass.

Now after all these many years and Covid 19 and no travel for the most part, I’ve been in the studio more often doing sessions and collaborating with other artists and writers.

One day in February 2021, I hooked up my Pigtronix Infinity Looper, to my Olson acoustic and simply plugged into a Boss acoustic guitar amp that I have and just went to playing around much like I’d do at a sound check in the traveling days. (my Roundabout CD was all on stage soundcheck loops made up on the spot). I was playing this groove (Barefoot) and overdubbed on my Looper the bass and a percussion bit on the guitar… because the Infinity Looper allows you to save loops, I carefully saved it and then plugged the looper into my Digital Audio Workstation (Protools). I added the bluesy lead part and that’s’ what started the idea of a new Sketches album.

I plugged into my Cali 76 compressor, which is chained to my Boss Octaver pedal, then my old trust Boss Dimension 3 (that Dennis Agajanian gave me in 1995 and said ”don’t lose this !” ) From there into my Keeley Verb/tremolo pedal-then into the Pigtronix Infinity Looper. That chain then went into my DBX 366 line/mic pre then to Pro Tools.
Tracks 1-11,13 and 22 were recorded in this fashion and recorded within a three week period between Feb and March 2021, whenever the inspiration came between other sessions I was doing and just living life—thanks be to God!

Track 23 (Uke-Lady) March 29 2021 ~ I’m playing an Oceana uke using an Audia Technica 4033 mic into a LaChappelle mic pre.

Tracks 15 and 20 (Musings and Gifted Sam) Jan and May 2016)~ I used an acoustic made by luthier Sam Skinner and using the audia technica 4033 as on the Uke-Lady tune (tr 23)

For the most part, I’m playing my Olson on most of the tracks but I must say the Skinner sounds very nice as well.

On track 14 (The Road Ahead) I’m playing the Olson through the mic I mentioned but most of the sketches with the loops I’m playing direct in (no outside mic) using the old LR Baggs Duet mic/piezo system. It was back in the day when it was necessary to put a hole in the guitar for the electronics. That’s not typically done anymore on fine instruments… but the quality of sound is pretty nice considering, as track 1 (Barefoot) shows.

On tracks 16 and 19 (Honeydew and Slap Happy) May 2008 ~ I’m using the Lukas Brunner “Compact Guitar”. This half sized gem has a removable neck and comes with its own backpack for the convenience of going anywhere. It plays and sounds very good!

Track 17 (Pocketful of Memories) July 2013 ~ is the Brunner Pocket Guitar. If you look at the cover, you’ll see what appears to be a guitar ”neck” sitting on the couch next to the ukulele. This little gem is amazing! The neck is very playable and quite comfortable in the hand. It has a pickup system (piezo/mic) just like the Brunner “Compact Guitar”. I did several tracks for this piece and it has a sweet sound-almost like a music box.

Track 18 April In Evora March 2008 ~ is a combination of both the Olson and my Langejans classical guitar-one of my dearest instruments! I picked a town out in Portugal and read a little about it and thought “that’s a good title for this tune. I’ve never been to Portugal. I know it’s an amazing and musical culture and the food, I hear, is incredible!

Track 21 (Pebbles) 2015 is a medley of short musical snippets. I thought the project would be graced with this texture of nylon strings from the Langejans guitar.

One morning, this past week, I sat down and came up with titles to these songs. The mood and melodies are what prompted the titles.
I have my favorites, hopefully, you will find some too.
Phil Keaggy ~ May 6, 2021


released May 7, 2021

Produced and recorded by PK
All songs written by PK
Sebastian Boy Music (ASCAP)
Cover Photo by Tom Gulotta

Many thanks to Elixir Strings, which I use exclusively on my steel stringed guitars.
The instruments on the cover that were used:
from left to right-
Skinner Sunburst Acoustic (L'il Hoss), Brunner Compact Guitar,
Oceana Ukulele, Brunner Pocket Guitar, Olson SJ Acoustic Guitar and Langejans Classical Guitar


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Phil Keaggy Nashville, Tennessee

Phil Keaggy is one of the most admired guitarists in music today. A master of both electric rock and acoustic finger style, he has been honing his craft for over 50 years.
He continues to sell out concerts all over the United States, with his ever-changing style, ranging from rock-and-roll to fully orchestrated instrumental compositions.
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